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David Neufeld designs landscapes and stone works that compliment the brick oven. As demand for outdoor cooking spaces rose, his 20+ years as North Star Stoneworks expanded to include True Brick Ovens. His own passion for great pizza and bread makes him a participant in baking as well as a builder. The associated blog to this website features frequent posts central to baking and cooking (and yes, eating) using wood-fired brick ovens.


There are four distinct locations where a brick oven may suit your needs:

  • as the focal point of an outdoor entertainment space
  • on an exterior wall of a three-season room
  • in the home or restaurant kitchen
  • set on a suitable trailer for use in portable catering

David’s experience designing landscapes, building stone works, and collaborating with owners and other contractors to create living spaces allows him to assist in the larger picture within which the brick oven is set.

Planning a brick oven with David Neufeld includes detailed discussions as well as clear architectural drawings.


The current market for wood-fired ovens is flooded with cast-refractory domes manufactured to allow the homeowner to purchase or assemble an oven cheaply.

These domes, however, have significant faults. Two faults remedied by owning a true brick oven are: cast-refractory can break (it does not have a thousand-year track record) and cast-refractory, well, it looks like cast-refractory (industrial).

A true firebrick oven’s interior is a dome artfully constructed of custom-cut bricks. They not only form an integrated structure that supports itself (each brick is a wedge that cannot move) but the dome interior is aesthetically pleasing.

Thousand-year old brick ovens like this are still in use.

You can have a true brick oven built by a mason.

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